By tradition in its origin education is boundless as the sea. Since the Vedic era to till date education is continuing and adopting all the eternal, traditional & modern aspects. In our India public education system was started many years ago and from the ancient toll culture it has been converted to School, College and University based modern education system. Without the cultivation of education no society can exists for a long.

Some academic monger Panikhali & its nearby area were in a motto to establish a Govt. Aided General Degree College at Panikhali. After many sacrifice & communication lastly in 2007 they got succeed to establish “Pritilata Mahila Mahavidyalaya” with the girls’ education status by the affiliation from University of Kalyani. As there was not any college within 15 kilometres (approx) of area there was a serious need of the college at here. The support of local villagers & academic mongers as well as from different Govt. Department helped a lot to overcome many obstacles to establish this college. Initially the classes ware taken at Jugal Kishore S. S. Sikhyatan. After that with the financial aid from Rajyasabha M.P Khabiruddin Ahammed and local M.L.A Dabendranath Biswas the college’s own building & infrastructure was developed. In the year 2009 the classes and administrative work was shifted to the present premises. Many local people helped the college with donations & support a lot.

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Every historic milestone has its beginning in the simplest of actions. The sweetest of flowers has a modest beginning in the small bud. The largest of trees has its origin in the tiniest of seeds.          Read More..

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